hunter is my middle name..

hurts so good..

yesterday, i saw a photograph that someone made.. not sure when they made it - recently i think.. but regardless, it’s a great photograph.. thing is, about 12 months ago, i had an idea to make a photograph that was very, very similar to the one i saw yesterday - almost exactly the same concept really.. that idea has been sitting in my brain all that time..

immediately i disliked the photograph because i felt like it was my idea & this person had some how stolen it from me.. then i felt resentment towards the person that made it..

but then shortly after, i was left only with the disappointment in myself after realizing the idea was never mine..  i sat it on the bench - too ‘busy’ to make it happen.. i never took ownership of it.. i never reached the harvest.. it was there, mine for the taking but i ignored it.. so the idea found a new master - someone hungry for it, searching, seeking it.. 

and oh man, that hurts.. that’s a real slap in the face..

that’s a bucket of icy cold water saying “WAKE UP you idiot!”…


i’m awake    :)